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Al-Muhaajiroon – The Extremist Cult Exposed


Al Muhaajiroon: The Extremist Cult Exposed

Majority of references taken from articles on www.salafimanhaj.com
They have an identity crisis.

This cult led by Omar Bakri Mohammad first called itself: Hizb at Tahir, then, Al Muhaajiroon, then The Saved Sect, then Al Ghurabaa, then Ahlus Sunnah wa Jammah, then Salafi Youth for Islamic Propagation, then Call to Submission and now back to Al Muhajaroon.

The founder member and leader of this cult, Omar Bakri Mohammad is a liar.

In his book, “The Essential Fiqh (1996) Omar Bakri Mohammad states in his biography to have studied at Umm Quraa University in the Holy City of Makkah, as well as the Islamic University of Madina. Sounds impressive? In fact he lied, and after he was exposed by brother Abdur Rahmaan Dimishiqi, all references to these two universities, in subsequent biographies have miraculously disappeared. The reality of is that he worked in Riyadh for Eastern Electric, then he transferred to Jeddah. After spending a few months in America, he turned up in London as the leader of Hizb-at-Tahir.
He also claimed to have studied fiqh under a famous Syrian scholar called Shaikh Zuhaylee. When some Muslim students from London meet Shaykh Zuhaylee, the latter told them that he had never heard of Omar Bakri Mohammad. When challenged, Omar Bakri Mohammad replied “No, no, not that Zuhaylee, another Zuhaylee!” Caught lying again.
He also claims to be the Secretary General of the Islamic World League. The latter organization does not exist. He’s misleading Muslims into thinking he’s the secretary general of the Muslim World League.

They have no scholars…

…except Omar Bakri Mohammad. After he was deported to Lebanon, he was asked by an Arabic newspaper whether he would return to England. He replied: “it’s religiously prohibited for people like me to return to the United Kingdom, because this would fall within the framework of offering oneself as captive. Islam prohibits Muslims from allowing themselves to become captives of nonbelievers”. http://www.aawsat.com/english/news.asp?section=3&id=5594. But when Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006, he finally had his chance to practice what he had been preaching for years; to fight the oppressive Israelis. But instead of picking up a gun and joining the jihad, he picked up the phone, and begged the British government to allow him to come back to England. He made this appeal on Arabic TV and in Arabic newspapers in order to prevent his British followers, who don’t understand Arabic, from hearing his humiliating plea to Her Majesty’s

They believe that there are no Muslims countries in the world.

Anjem Choudhury states in an interview with Jeremy Paxman, 24 November 2006, that whole world is Darul Harb (land of war). In his book, the Islamic Verdict on Jihad, Omar Bakri cites Pakistan and Malaysia as examples of non-Muslim countries.

Their daw’ah brings harm to the Muslims and turns people away from Islam.

A classic example of this, is the protest they held in Luton against the returning British troops. Protected by the police, members of al-Muhaajiroon shouted abuse at the troops thinking that they were speaking the truth in the face of the tyrants. This reckless action of their led to:
• A seven day anti-Muslim media frenzy
• Increased hatred against Muslims, nationwide
• An increase in racist violence against Muslims, particularly against our sisters
• A masjid being firebombed
• The formation of a group called United People of Luton who organized a number of demonstrations against al-Muhaajiroon. The last demonstration in May 2009, led to a mob of hundreds of racists rampaging through the Luton and beating up Muslims.
No doubt the troops fought in an illegal, unjust and immoral war. But their reckless protest won’t undo the harm, nor will it prevent any future unjust wars. The protest made it harder for us to invite the non-Muslims to Islam.

They are totally ignorant of the principle that:

when you are preventing an evil, if a greater evil will result from your action, then it is obligatory that you leave off preventing the evil because it will result in the greater evil. In fact they are ignorant of most of the principles of the Shar’iah. They are guided (and blinded) by emotion.

They believe: “There are no Mosques in the UK”.

This is because according to them, most mosques are built by non-Muslims! They state on their web site: “All these centres should never be called mosques, but rather it is more appropriate for it to be called Prayer Hall or Community Centre. Muslims should refrain from calling these places mosques or even the House of Allaah, and should not think that by donating money towards them, Allaah will build a house in paradise for them.”

They support the killing of innocent civilians.

The following was part of a discussion between Richard Watson (RW) and Abu Izadeen (AI) on Newsnight, 24 September 2005.
RW: “Are you willing to denounce, right now, the London bombings which killed so many people?” AI: “No”. RW: “Why not?” AI: “I would never denounce Muslims”. RW: “This was murder” AI: “No. Mujahadin activity.”
However, the Qur’an says about the one who kills an innocent person: “….it would be as if he killed the whole of mankind: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole of mankind.” [5:32]

They are heavily infiltrated by the Security Services.

It is well known that any radical group, irrespective of its ideology is infiltrated by Security Services, often at the highest level of the organization. It is worth noting that Omar Bakri made statements such as “several attacks are being prepared, one very well organized group in London calling itself al Qaeda Europe appears to have a great appeal for young Muslims. I know they are ready to launch a big operation”, his urging Muslims to join al Qaeda, boasting that his brother had already joined al Qaeda, and calling for Tony Blair to be assassinated, yet he was never arrested! Anyone else making these statements would be immediately arrested, prosecuted and given a lengthy prison sentence. The reason why this never happened? Well Omar Bakri boasted in a 2002 interview:
“I think now we have something called public immunity [from prosecution].”

They pronounce ordinary Muslims to be disbelievers (kaafirs).

Regarding civil servants working in Muslim countries they state that: Even the traffic wardens are the police and security forces are taghout. (i.e. non Muslims).
They also claim that the one who votes is a Kaafir: “it is your duty to stay away from all of this evil and stop people from becoming Mushriks and Murtads (apostates) by voting”.No Muslim can be declared to be a Kaafir unless clear evidence is presented to him, by fulfilling the conditions of knowledge, intent, and choice, and by removing obstacles that are the opposite of these. In addition, not every act of kufr necessarily expels the doer from Islam. This is a matter we refer back to the scholars. The Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said:
“Whenever a man says to his brother ‘O kaafir’, then it applies to one of them or it returns to the one who actually said it first.” [Bukhari & Muslim]
All of the above characteristics apply to the members of this group.