Allah's Rising Over the Throne


Al-Istawaa ‘ala al-‘Arsh – Allaah’s Rising Over His Throne

Translated by Abu Rumaysah
Below is a translation of some points from ‘Khalq Af’aal al-Ebaad’ of Imaam Bukhaaree (RH), pp.13+, then following this are some points from al-Laalikaaee’s work to do with the subject of Istiwaa (Allaah rising over His Throne)

… 6) Wahb bin Jareer said, ‘The Jahmiyyah are heretics, they think that He has not risen over His Throne.
13) Ibn al-Mubaarak said, ‘we do not say as the Jahmiyyah say that Allaah is on the earth, rather He has risen over His Throne.
14) And it was said to him, how should we know our Lord?’ He said, ‘above the Heavens, over(‘alaa) His Throne’
29) Sufyaan ath-Thauri was asked about the verse, “and He is with you wheresoever you are”. He said, ‘His Knowledge.’
64) Sadqa said, ‘I heard Sulaiman at-Taimi saying, ‘if I were asked, “where is Allaah?” I would say, “above (fee) the heaven”. And if it said, “where was the Throne before the Heaven?” I would say, “over the water.” And if it is said, “where was the Throne before the water?” I would say, “I do not know.”‘
And Imaam Bukhaaree said, ‘and that (i.e. his answer) was because of the saying of Allaah, “and they cannot encompass anything of His Knowledge except what He wills.” i.e. except what He explains.’
66) Muhammad bin Yusuf said (one of the teachers of Bukhaaree), ‘the one who says that Allaah is not over (‘alaa) His Throne is a kaafir. And the one who thinks that Allaah did not speak to Moses is a kaafir.’
103) Ibn Mas’ud said about His saying, “then He rose over His Throne”, – ‘the Throne is over the water, and Allaah is above (fawqa) the Throne, and He knows what you are upon.’
104) Qataada said about His saying, “and He is Allaah in the Heaven and in the Earth” – ‘the One Who is worshipped in the heaven and in the earth.

And now some points translated from ‘Sharh Usul I’tiqaad’ of al-Laalikaaee

660) Adullaah bin Abbaas said, ‘Verily Allaah was above His Throne before He created anything, then He created the creation and decreed what was to exist until the Day of Judgement.’ (pg.396)
662) Bashr bin Umar said, ‘I heard more then one of the Mufassir say about the verse, “The Most Merciful istawaa upon the Throne” – istiwaa means rose above.’ (pg.397)
665) Rabee’ (one of the teachers of Maalik) was asked about the verse, “The Most Merciful rose over His Throne” – ‘how did He rise?’ He replied, ‘al-istiwaa (rising) is known, and the how is not comprehensible, and from Allaah is the message, and upon the Messenger is the preaching, and upon us is believing.’ (pg.397)
670) Maqaatil bin Huyaan said about His saying, “and there is no secret discourse of 3 people except He is the fourth, or of 5 people and He is the sixth” – ‘He is above His Throne, and nothing is hidden from His knowledge.’ (pg.400)
673) Imaam Ahmad was asked, ‘Allaah is above the seventh heaven, above His Throne because that is from His creation, and His power and knowledge are in every place?’ And he replied, ‘yes, above the Throne and His knowledge is in every place.’ (pg.401)
675) Imaam Ahmad was asked about the verse, “and He is with you wheresover you are”, and the verse, “there is no secret discourse of 3 people except that he is the fourth..” – and he said,’ (meaning) His Knowledge, He is the Knower of the seen and the unseen, His knowledge encompasses everything, and our Lord is above the Throne without setting limits and giving description , and His Kursi is as the expanse of the heavens and the earth with His Knowledge. ‘(pg.402)
Imaam Abdullaah bin Ahmad said, ‘….I bear witness that You are above Your Throne above the seven heavens. And this is not as the enemies of Allaah say, the heretics.’ (Sharhus Sunnah of Imaam Abdullaah) He also said, ‘we know that our Lord is above the seven heavens over the Throne, and we do not say as the Jahmiyyah say that he is here,’ and he pointed with his hand to the earth.
(Sharhus Sunnah)
And Verily Allaah Knows Best.