Crime increase Houston: 20% increase in murder 25% increase in rape


HPD: Violent crime numbers up from last year


(Photo: KHOU 11 News)

HOUSTON – In just the last year, murder cases in Houston are up 25 percent and rape cases are up 20 percent, according to the Houston Police Department.
The HPD Northeast Patrol Commanders hosted a town hall meeting for the community Thursday night, at First Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, to address the 2015 Houston crime statistics released earlier in the day.
Two major topics of conversation included the unsolved murder of Mr. Carroll Oliver and the shooting of Officer Jason Rhodes.
Representatives from the homicide division, tactical team, Crime Stoppers, the Harris County Assistant DA’s office and the Harris County Precinct 6 Constable’s office all attended.
In the small church on the Northeast side, emotions echoed from the walls.
“They’re sick of it. This McDonald thing has outraged so many people because back in old days, you don’t rob your community,” said community member Ms. William.
A week and a half since beloved McDonald’s owner Carroll Oliver was gunned down and his killer is still out there.
“He was a personal friend of mine and we lost a great guy for nothing,” said Ms. William.
The unsolved case fueled worry in the pews.
“I’m from fifth ward. Lord knows we’ve seen a lot of crime. But I’m also seeing a lot of people not from this area. And what we want you to know, help us change this perception,” said a community member.
On the day that law enforcement reports a citywide increase in violent crimes, including a 25% increase in murder and 20% increase in rapes, officers want people to know they are doing everything they can.
Captain Fremin spoke about the progress the Northeast division has made.
“This was one of the most dysfunctional areas with police community relations in the history of this city,” said Captain Fremin.
He also admitted they still have a ways to go, but they want the community to know, they can’t go it alone.
“You’ve got to treat the policemen like they’re your family,” said a community member.
“We’ve got to let the police officers know that we appreciate what they do. Putting their lives on the line on a daily basis,” said a reverend from the community.
The message from the meeting was clear: working together as a community with police is essential to reduce crime.
HPD also released a crime map on their website that is updated every thirty minutes for the community to stay vigilant and aware.
Detectives would not reveal details in the investigation surrounding Carroll Oliver’s death, but they did confirm they have some strong leads in the case.