How Do We Deal with Those Who Try to Validate Terrorist Acts?


How Do We Deal with Those Who Try to Validate Terrorist Acts? (1)

Author: Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān

Question: You find among some of the youth people who do not consider what has occurred of bombings and similar actions (to be evil). They approve of, or try to validat some actions of this group…2
Answer: Such a person is either one of two things: He is either 1) ignorant, giving them (the terrorists) the benefit of the doubt. And to him, you clarify their faults to him, and explain them until his misconception about them is gone. Or 2) he is behind them, supporting their ideas. He has the same belief as they do and shares their ideas. To him too, you clarify the truth, so perhaps he may return back. If he does not return back (to truth), then his sin is upon himself. Unless of course it appears he himself may disrupt peace and safety or attempt to deceive other Muslims; in that case it is an obligation to inform (the authorities) about him. If there appears anything from him that may infringe upon peace and security or he may deceive more Muslims or if he calls the youth to this (misguidance), he must be turned in and informed of so they stop him.

1 This question was answered by Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān verbally and the audio clip can be found at: This particular audio clip is no. 20 in the list and contains three questions answered by the Shaykh; this is the second one.
2 [Translator’s Note] When transcribing this question from the original audio, the last part of the question was not very clear because the questioner’s microphone produced audio much less discernable that that of Shaykh al-Fawzān. However, I believe the last few words were simply asking the Shaykh to clarify, in a few words, our obligation when dealing with these kinds of people. And Allah knows best.