Pedophilia in US/UK Establishment


Russell Brand exposes UK’s pedophile politicians


Comedian/actor turned activist Russell Brand has taken to his youtube to expose the growing evidence of child abuse from UK politicians, leading all the way to the Royal Family.
It is now a fact that current and former politicians in the UK are complicit in pedophilia.
The establishment and media has tried their best to cover up the evidence plus 114 documents mysteriously going missing. Try as they may it is now undeniable that pedophilia is rampant in UK elite circles and the public demands that the people involved be named, shamed and jailed.
Close links between mass pedophiles like Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein and both Prince Charles and Prince Andrew are now clear and well documented. Even attending parties on private islands when the events occurred, even photographed with the victim.
With the mounting pressure and increase in public knowledge on these matter, thanks largely to the internet, these criminal elite may have finally met their match.
Here is Russell’s latest video hitting out at the pedophile establishment (be sure to watch at 4:04 in the video, this is what the media should asking):

And a previous video of Brand exposing the pedophile establishment: