Shaykh Muhammad Musa Aal-Nasr


Biography: Shaikh Muhammad Musa Nasr

Source: A document the Shaykh handed to the brothers at SSNA
Translator: Isma’eel alarcon (all footnotes are from the translator)

He was born in the campground of Balaat in Palestine in 1954 and began his primary studies in the city of Jericho, Palestine.
He finished his secondary studies in Ghawr, Jordan and his high school studies in Zarqaa (Jordan).
The Shaikh attended college in the Noble Qur’aan faculty of the Islaamic University of Madeenah and received his Bachelor’s Degree in the “Sciences of Qur’aan and Its Recitations” in 1981.
Then he traveled to Pakistan in 1984 and enrolled in the University of Punjab, where he received his Masters Degree in “Islamic Sciences and Arabic Language” with a grade of “very good” (jayyid jiddan).
He also received the Salafi Universities wifaaq (approval and consent) from the Islamic University of Lahore with a grade of “excellent” (mumtaaz). This certificate is the equivalent of a Masters Degree.
From 1987 to 1991, he worked for the Saudi Department of Educational Research, Da’wah and Guidance at the center “Markaz Da’wah wal-Irshaad” in Bahrain, under the sponsorship of the Jordanian Trust (wakf) Ministry.
Previously, he had worked as a lecturer at the College for Islamic Sciences, which is under the Jordanian Trust (wakf) Ministry from 1982 to 1987. He also worked at checking and inspecting the printing of mus-hafs (Qur’aanic copies) and as an arbitrator for the Qur’aanic competitions that were arranged by the Jordanian Trust (wakf) Ministry.
He also served as a member in the Committee of Testing and Examining Recitations of Imaams in Zarqaa (Jordan).
He founded the Al-Asaalah Magazine along with a group of students of knowledge and worked as Chief Editor for it until the 20th issue. So far, thirty issues of this magazine have been printed. [1]
In 1997, he obtained his Doctorate’s Degree (i.e. PhD) in the “Recitations and Interpretation of the Qur’aan” with a grade of “excellent” (mumtaaz) from the Qur’aanic University of Umm-Darmaan in Sudan.
The subject of his dissertation was the book “The Preferred Opinions of Imaam Abee ‘Ubayd Al-Qaasim Ibn Salaam and his methodology in Reciting (the Qur’aan).” [Ikhtiyaaraat Al-Imaam Abee ‘Ubayd Al-Qaasim Ibn Salaam wa manhajuhu fil-Qiraa’ah]
He obtained various ijaazahs (religious approvals) on Recitation and Hadeeth from a group of scholars, including Shaikh ‘Ataa-ullaah Haneef, Shaikh Badee’- ud-Deen As-Sindee, the Muhaddith of Sind, and others.
And he held a close companionship with the ‘Allaamah, the Muhaddith, Shaikh Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah), from the early seventies (1970’s) until his death (in 1999). This is such that he would always attend his educational gatherings and he would constantly frequent his home time and again to take from his knowledge.
Currently, he works as a lecturer at the University of Applicable Sciences in the Sharee’ah Division, which is under the College of Disciplines. He has been working here since 1993. [2]
He has written dozens of books, some of which are printed and some not. His printed books include: [3]

1. Virtues of the Qur’aan from the Authentic Sunnah
2. A Beneficial Word on the Obligation of Tajweed
3. The Rulings of Waqf (in Recitation)
4. The Preferred Opinions of Imaam Abee ‘Ubayd Al-Qaasim Ibn Salaam and his methodology in Reciting (the Qur’aan)
5. Allaah’s Attribute of the Shin between the Affirmation of the Salaf and the Rejection of the Khalaf
6. The Ruling on celebrating the Middle Night of Sha’baan
7. An Explanation of the Hadeeth on Hastening the Futoor and Delaying the Suhoor
8. Sufficient Words on the Innovation of Shaking Hands after Prayer
9. A summarization of the Rites of Hajj
10. With the Prophet in Ramadaan (English by QSS)
11. The Ruling on Gathering for a study circle before Jumu’ah
12. The Effect of the Qur’aan on Rectifying the Community (a checking and commentary)
13. Research and Investigation on the Innovations of Reciting
14. The Intellect and its place in Islaam
15. The Hypocrites in light of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah (Available in English)
16. A Number of Points of Benefit in Refuting Muhammad Al-Misree and his Alleged Story
17. Unveiling the Mysteries behind the Rulings of Women Traveling (English)
18. A Treatise on Sadaqat-ul-Fitr
19. A Treatise on Zakaat-ul-Maal
20. In Dispraise of Jealousy and Its People

In addition to this, he has written numerous articles that appeared in newspapers and magazines. He participated in Islamic conferences and conventions in North America, Canada and Great Britain.[4] He is also a member of the Society of Herbal Medicines in Jordan and a member of the Board of Directors in the New York based “Salafi Society of North America.”
For the past twenty years, he has been providing treatment and cures for spiritual sicknesses, such as possession, sorcery, the evil eye, and epilepsy. [5]
He has a great concern for the subject of prophetic medicine, and he has many lectures on that with regard to herbal medicines. Allaah has benefited and cured many people through him, and this is only by Allaah’s Grace.

[1] Translator’s Note: This was at the time we received this biography from the Shaikh. But as of November 2001, Al-Asaalah Magazine is up to their 35th Issue.
[2] Translator’s Note: Apart from this, he is also the Imaam and Khateeb of Masjid As’ad Ibn Zuraar in ‘Amman, Jordan, and he is the assistant Director of the newly-formed Markaz al-Imaam al-Albaanee in Jordan
[3] Translator’s Note: The titles for these books have been translated to English, however they are all in Arabic unless otherwise indicated. The Shaikh has also published several other books in addition to this such as one on Hijaamah, ‘The Prophet at Home” (translated to English), and a book on the characteristics of the Call to Allaah.
[4] Translator’s Note: The Shaikh is active in participating in lectures and seminars. He has also traveled to Guyana, Trinidad, France, Bahrain and numerous other places in order to spread the Salafi Da’wah. He has taught in the first two Islamic Seminars of the Salafi Society of North America in NY, USA, and a similar seminar in London, England. He has also been attending the annual QSS conventions for the past several years, and thus he has a large amount of tapes available in the English language (translated).
[5] Translator’s Note: This is one of the Shaikh’s specialties, which he is characterized and well known by. He has written a large work containing his knowledge and experiences on this subject, which has yet to be printed.