Supplications Related To Fasting And Eating


Supplications Related To Fasting And Eating

(With Approximate Word For Word Meanings In English)
Before Eating:

Capture04bismil-laah (In the Name Of Allaah)

If One Forgets To Say Bismillah Before Eating:

bismil-laahi (In the Name Of Allaah) fee (in) awwalihi (its beginning) wa (and) aakhirihi (its end). 1

After Eating:

alHamdu (All praise) lil-laah (is for Allaah) al-ladhee (who) aT’amanee (fed me) hadha (this) wa (and) razaqaneehi (provided it for me) min ghayri (without any) Howlin (might) minnee (from myself) wa (and) laa (no) quwwah (power [from myself]). 2

Upon Breaking Fast (1):

dhahaba (has gone) aDHamaa’u (the thirst) wabtallatil (and are quenched) ‘urooqu (the veins) wa (and) thabatal (is confirmed) ajru (the reward) in-shaa’ allaah (if Allaah wills). 3

Upon Breaking Fast (2):

allaahumma (O Allaah) innee (verily I) as’aluka (ask You) biraHmatika (by Your mercy) al-latee (which) wasi’at (envelops) kulla (all) shay’in (things) an taghfira (that You forgive) lee (me) 4

Supplication Of The Guest For The Host:

allaahumma (O’ Allaah) baarik (bless) lahum (for them), feemaa (that which) razaqtahum (You have provided them), waghfir (and forgive) lahum (them) warHamhum (and have mercy upon them).5

Supplication Said For A Family Who Invites You To Break Your Fast With Them:

afTara (May break their fast) ‘indakum (with you) aS-Saa’imoon (the ones who fast) wa’akala (and may eat) T’aamakum (your food) al-abraar (the pious) wa (and) Sallat (may send prayers) ‘alaykum (upon you) al-malaa’ikah (the angels). 6

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