The Khawaarij Ideology – Shaykh Saalih Al-Fowzaan


The Khawārij Ideology (1)

Original Title: الفتاوى الشرعية في القضايا العصرية
Author: Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān
Translator: Abu Az-Zubayr Harrison

Question: Are there present today those who have the same ideologies of the Khawārij?
Answer: All of this that is prevalent today – is it not from the actions of the Khawārij?! Making Takfīr2 of Muslims and even worse – killing fellow Muslims and hating them? This is the exact methodology of the Khawārij. It includes three things:

1. Making Takfīr of other Muslims.
2. Renouncing obedience to the leader or government.
3. Declaring the blood of other Muslims lawful to spill.

This is precisely the methodology of the Khawārij. Even if a person were only to believe any of these things with his heart, yet he may not actually speak or do anything of them, he is still one of the Khawārij in his baseless belief and opinions.3

1 This Fatwá was taken from a book called “al-Fatāwá al-Shar’iyyah fī al-Qadhāyā al-‘Asriyyah,” a collection of various rulings by Muḥammad Ibn Fahd al-Ḥuṣayn.
2 Takfīr: The indiscriminate declaring of people to be disbelievers regardless if they declare belief or not. [T.N.]
3 Taken from the cassette: Fatāwá al-‘Ulamā’ fī al-Aḥdāth al-Rāhinah allatī Ḥadathat bisharq Madīnah ar-Riyādh.(1424 Hijrah / 2004).