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The Libyan War, brought to you by Bernard-Henri Levy


In early March 2011, Levy – or “BHL” as he’s called in his native France – traveled from Egypt into eastern Libya. There, he met Libyan rebel leaders and proceeded to convince then President Nicolas Sarkozy to support the rebels diplomatically and militarily.
For the next few months, the French people witnessed the unusual spectacle of a notoriously self-promoting leftist intellectual joining forces with a notoriously energetic conservative president to wage war in a distant, sandy nation.
The Libyan war followed the blueprint Ikhwaani methodology that incites the masses against their leaders by blaming them for corruption, injustice and allying with the enemies of Islam.  This eventually leads to mass demonstrations calling for revolution as we saw recently in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain.
However this documentary film proves the susceptibility of the ikhwaani methodology to be used as a vehicle by the Imperialists to destroy, further divide and pillage Muslim countries.  It also exposes how the Ikhwaani leadership and callers are the real stooges and allies of western imperialist foreign policy whilst this is a common accusation levelled at the Salafi scholars and methodology.
For this reason the Salafi scholars have been warning against the destructive group called Al Ikhwaan Al Muslimeen (The Muslim Brotherhood) for over 30 years.  The following are some quotes from the scholars regarding this group.


The French writer and philosopher Bernard Henri Levy is in Cannes to present his documentary on the war in Libya: “The Oath of Tobruk”. He talks to euronews about his involvement with the opposition and the negotiations that preceded the international military intervention. According to him, the successful intervention in Libya can serve as a blueprint to end the troubles in Syria.