The Ruling On Nasheeds – Imaam Al-Albaanee


The Ruling On Nasheeds

Imaam Muhammad Naasirud-Deen Al-Albaanee (Rahimahu ‘Llah)
Source: Al-Asaala (Issue no 2)
Translator: Isma’eel Alarcon

[Q]: What is the ruling on the nasheeds (songs) 1 that are circulating amongst many of the youth and which they call “Islaamic nasheeds?”
[A]: If these nasheeds possess Islaamic meanings, and there aren’t any stringed or musical instruments accompanying them, such as the Duff, the drum and its types, then there is no problem with it.
However, an important condition to its permissibility must be clarified. And it is that they must be free of anything that opposes the Religion, such as going to extremes and its sorts.
Also, there is another condition. And it is that it must not be taken as a (habitual) practice. This is since it turns those who (constantly) listen to it away from reciting the Qur’aan, which the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet encourages.
Likewise, it turns them away from seeking beneficial knowledge and calling towards Allaah (i.e. da’wah), the One free of all defects.
As for using the duff with the nasheed, then it is permissible for the women when it occurs (solely) amongst them, apart from the men. And it is permissible during the time of ‘Eed and marriage only.

1 Translator’s Note: A nasheed is a song or hymn in Arabic. These songs are distributed on tape and they often occur without music. Also they are usually about the subject of Jihaad.