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Is it true 77% of rape in Sweden is by Muslims?


Sweden: Is it true that 77,6 % of rapist in Sweden are Muslim?

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Is there anybody with a good command of swedish who has read/is willing to look through the report on rape in Sweden?In some of the recent media coverages of the issue the figure 77,6 % keeps cropping up; I badly need to know wheter there is anything in the aforementioned report that could possibly verify this piece of information ? If there isnt, where does it come from?Any help from you will be of much value, Ive stopped looking for the information in the english language sites because by now they only add to my confusion.
Thank you all for your contributions ; I have one last thing to ask which hopefully can solve the riddle : what is the table on page 43 concerned with? What data does it present ? Thanks in advance for your help 🙂


1) Anders Gabrielsson, born in the south, raised in the north, lives in the middle. (Kind of.)

Wherever they get that number from, it’s not from this report since it generally doesn’t break down the population in other groups than those born in Sweden with parents born in Sweden, those born in Sweden with one or both parents born outside Sweden (these two groups are sometimes tracked separately), and those born outside Sweden. Religion is not tracked at all.
I should also note that this report is on crime in general and not specifically on rape.
Here’s a relevant quote. The translation is mine and quite hastily done and with limited knowledge of the legal terms in English, so take it for what it’s worth.
“En typ av brott som är föremål för stor uppmärksamhet i den allmänna debatten i dag är sexualbrotten. Det finns skäl att här lyfta fram att andelen av de utrikes födda, som är misstänkta för ett sexualbrott under perioden, är mindre än en halv procent och andelen som misstänks för våldtäkt och försök till våldtäkt är mindre än 0,3 procent.”
“One type of crime that has received a lot of attention in public discussions are sexual crimes. It is relevant to point out that the portion of people born outside Sweden who have been suspected of a sexual crime during the period is less than half a percent, and the portion suspected of rape or attempted rape is less than 0.3 percent.”
One comparison from the table on p. 66 is that among men born 1945-1981 who are born in Sweden with both parents born in Sweden, 2.1 per 1000 were suspected of rape one or more times during 1997-2001, while the same number for those born abroad was 5.7. However, since there are many more times as many people in the first category, and the second category also contains many Europeans who are unlikely to be Muslims, the number 77.6% is clearly false even when looking at the data.
As for where this piece if (dis-)information comes from, the most likely source is one of the anti-immigration groups who want to portray immigrants and refugees in general and Muslims in particular as criminal monsters who shouldn’t be let in.
The fact is that according to this report over 95% of those born abroad have not been suspected of any kind of theft or “crime against person”, which includes all violent crimes. (If you include all crimes the number is about 87%. My guess is that a large portion of the increase is explained by suspicion of crimes against immigration laws but that’s just my guess.)
2) Daniel Lindsäth, lives in Sweden
No, that’s not what the report says.
It says that the likelihood of an immigrant being a rapist (or murderer for that matter) is three times higher than the likelihood of a person born in Sweden to Swedish parents. It also says that the longer a person has been in Sweden, the closer their likelihood of causing crime comes to that of a person born in Sweden.
Considering that there are lots more than three times as many Swedes as immigrants in Sweden, Swedes are the most common rapists.
3) Lars Högberg, Born in Sweden, lived there for 30 years
First of all, keep in mind that ethnicity or religion is not registered by the police in Sweden. Here’s a translation from page 41 in the report that you linked:
Table 11. Percentage of the population that was suspected for different crimes between 1997 and 2001.

  • Rape/attempt to rape
  • Born in Sweden with parents born in Sweden: 0,04%
  • Born in Sweden with parents born abroad 0,08%
  • Born abroad 0,22%

From the statistics Summary of Population Statistics 1960-2014
I found that the number of people in the three categories, as of 2014:

  • Born in Sweden with parents born in Sweden: 9 747 355-2 092 206=7 655 149
  • Born in Sweden with parents born abroad: 2 092 206-1 603 551=488 655
  • Born abroad 1 603 551

If we assume that the crime proportion between the groups were still the same in 2014 (compared to 1997-2001) we can calculate the absolute numbers of people suspected for rape/attempt to rate:

  • Born in Sweden with parents born in Sweden: 3062 (43,9%)
  • Born in Sweden with parents born abroad: 391 (5,6%)
  • Born abroad: 3528 (50,5%)

It’s extremely rare that someone converts to Islam in Sweden. Furthermore there was not many muslims in Sweden before the 90’s.
So when already 44% of the suspected people are born in Sweden with parents born in Sweden I find it very unlikely that “77,6 % of rapist in Sweden are Muslim”.