Sexual Abuse in Children That Are Home Schooled (US)


Sexual Abuse


Sexual abuse in homeschooling situations is compounded by the fact that children homeschooled by sexually abusive parents do not have access to age-appropriate sex education that might give them the tools needed to understand and report their own abuse. In some especially isolated families, incest and rape takes place without the children understanding that what is happening is wrong. In other cases, children know that what is happening to them is very wrong and want it to stop, but lack access to trusted adults who might be able to help them. When sexually abused children are homeschooled by their abuser, they may literally have no place of escape. In some cases, they may commit suicide.
Homeschooled children who suffer from sexual abuse are often hindered both by their own ignorance and by their lack of contact with individuals they can trust.
Sexual abuse played a role in each of the following cases in the HIC database:
Daughter of Jerald Hall
Boy by RCMP officer
7 Children of Austin and Annie Wiggin
Girl by Robert Wyatt
5 Children of the ‘Springs Monster’
Girl by Harold Stone
14 Children of Daniel and Jenise Spurgeon
2 Girls by Nicholas Frede
12 Children by Lee Kaplan
Children of Lev Tahor
3 Children by Timothy and Esten Ciboro
Girl by Rob and Marie Johnson
Tina Anderson
8 Children of Jondrew Lachaux and Kellie Phillips
Isaiah Torres
Sarah, Chris, Rebecca, and Daniel Smith
K.B. by Robert Sanders
4 Children of David and ReJeana Moss
9 Children of James and Lucinda Haskin
Pridine Fru
Stacy and Jeremy Beckman
4 Children by Daniel Sweetman
Amber Dawn Lee, and 10 children by Arvin Shreeve
A.S. and L.S. by Wayne Bent
3 Boys by Douglas Myers
Aziza Kibibi, and 7 siblings
7 Children of Jeffrey and Danita York
5 Children of Jessica Banks
4 Children of Sylvia and Michael Wenger
Children by Tony Alamo
28 Children of Kathy and Dan Blackburn
4 Children of John and Margie Cantrell
Jackie Zudis
Daughter of Kevin and Theresa Carothers
Boy by Michael Krause
Children by George Johnston, 4 others
Girl by Leonard Pratt
16 children of Richard Jay Swank
Daughter of Arletha and Anthony Hopkins
Siblings of Andrew Wells
24 children of Paul and Paula Dunham
Rainbow Lord, and 2 siblings
Helen Wells
Children of Samuel Thomas Patrick and Debra Lynn Patrick
Dozens of children by Dwight “Malachi” York
7 Children of Thomas Halbesleben and Jessica Halbesleben
2 children of Arthur and Lori Allain
Desirae, Deondra, and Melody Brown
Anna Farmer
6 children of Lora and Aubrey Thomas
Girl by Raul Ochoa
Girl by the Jackson family
4 children of Juan Carlos Sanchez and Bobbi Sue Pack
Lindsay Tornambe and Others by Victor A. Barnard
Boy by Ixchel Maybury
Joseph Chaney
Lauren Kavanaugh, and 5 siblings
Shenna Grimm
Conrad and Ricky Morales
Boy by Merideth Johnson Vincent
Girl by James Monson
Child by Malcolm Fraser
3 Children by William Flynn Walker
Boy by Joseph Maddock
3 Children of Fernando and Sophia Richter
1 Child of Rene Tibucio Valenzuela
Elizabeth Smart
Jaycee Dugard and 2 Daughters
Jessyca Mullenberg
Shawn Hornbeck
Two Children of Mother and J.S.
Child by David Allen Goddard
6 Children of Zion and Glenda Lea Dutro
15 Children of Robert Hale (Papa Pilgrim)
Child of Ardee Verlon Tyler and Penny Sue Tyler
Child of Todd and Lisa Mortensen
Esther Combs
Child of Stephen Douglas James
2 Children of Earnest and Windie Perry
6 Children of Patrick McMullen
Rachel L., Jonathan L., and Mary Grace L.
3 Children in North Pole, Alaska
Child of Andrew and Carolyn Mayer
2 Children of David and Glenda Kinghorn
3 Children of Kenneth H. Brandt
16 Children of Marcus Wesson
Five Children of New Jersey Man
Child of Chad Chritton and Melinda Drabek-Chritton
Child of Robert Caravella and Carol Hann
Valerie Charlene Lucie